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You do not need to have gray hair to get a gray divorce. The term was coined due to the rise in divorce among those over 50.

It is increasingly common to see couples, especially those who stayed together to raise their children, deciding to make the most of the rest of their lives. After all, if you live till 80 and divorce at 50, that gives you 30 years to enjoy yourself. Consider how much you did in the past 30 years.

With age, often comes wisdom, and you probably realize fighting and arguing is not the best way to solve things. There are a few ways you can ensure your divorce is as smooth and amicable as possible.

Filing an uncontested divorce is a good start and avoids lengthy and expensive court hearings. To end your marriage, you only need to say that it has been irretrievably broken for the last six months. If one of you wants to divorce, and the other does not, a court would accept that your situation is irretrievable. Uncontested simply means that the other person does not try to refute the divorce.

Revise your estate plan after divorce, as this avoids future complications for you and your children. If you are entitled to social security benefits, seek advice on how a divorce will affect these. Finally, check how your health insurance will be affected; you would not want to leave one of you without cover. An experienced divorce attorney can help ensure you consider all possibilities.