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Grey divorces have become common among baby boomers in recent years. As people begin to live longer, some find that they no longer want to stay with someone they once considered to be their lifelong partner.

According to a recent study, divorces in the United States have been generally on the decline. However, separations among those 50 and older have increased significantly and there could be several contributing factors.

Aspects that can negatively impact long-term marriage

These may be some of the potential causes for grey divorces:

  • Financial issues: Money issues can be the primary cause of some divorces. Whether couples are struggling with debt, have irresponsible spending habits or participating in financial abuse, these circumstances can cause discrepancies for couples in any stage of a marriage.
  • Spouses growing apart: After spending decades together, some couples may feel they lost the spark they had during the early years of their marriage. As interests and personalities change over the years of being together, some partners may lose compatibility, which could cause them to split.
  • Finding other sources of happiness: As people tend to live longer nowadays, they may desire to find other outlets that can give them satisfaction. As people gain better access to health care and activities that promote mental well-being, some older adults may feel they can be more independent.
  • Unfaithfulness: Some may think unfaithfulness solely coincides with infidelity; however, that is not always the case. Couples being unfaithful to one another can stem from addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling, which may cause the marriage to fall apart if one or both partners are participating in risky behavior.

Divorce can create hardship at any age

No matter the circumstances, divorce can be challenging. Older couples in New York looking to go their separate ways may want to contact a knowledgeable family law attorney. They can often help guide spouses through the complex legal process of filing for divorce.