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Divorce can be hard for everyone in the family. But if parents have adolescent children, this sudden and undesirable change can be a lot for them to handle. While younger children may be equally as upset, they don’t always know what’s going on. But many teens understand how a divorce could impact their lives.

According to parenting website VeryWellFamily, approximately 20%-25% of teens experience difficulties regarding their parents’ divorce. Because of this, parents may want to pay close attention to their teen’s behavior throughout the process.

Reactions may vary

Divorce can affect teens differently. It often depends on how things play out afterward. That’s because many teens’ hormones are already out of control. In some cases, this may cause them to lash out at their parents or others close to them. If that’s the case, parents may want to remind their teens they need to keep their behavior in check and enforce consequences if they don’t.

How do I know if they’re not handling it well?

If either parent sees any of these red flags, they may want to step in:

  • Their teen is displaying unusual academic problems.
  • Their teen is having trouble sleeping.
  • Their teen seems more stressed out than usual.
  • Their teen begins acting more defiant than usual.
  • Their teen starts coping by using substances.
  • Their teen starts having problems forming intimate relationships.
  • Their teen becomes depressed.
  • Their teen gets involved in risky sexual activity.

Being present can help

Kids at any age can have a tough time with the divorce. But parents may want to pay extra attention to their teen. If they do, the teen may have an easier time adjusting, as they have the love and support they need.